Shipping Unique Items

When shipping unique items it’s important to get the packaging correct.  Some freight is tall, large or even odd shaped and will not fit neatly onto a pallet.  This leaves the potential for damage if special care is not given when packaging the item.  Unique items call for unique packaging to ensure their protection for shipping. Here are our tips to package unique items correctly to prevent damage in transit.


Problem:  Can Be Easily Punctured

One solution for shipping bags of material is to place a sheet of cardboard on the pallet before placing the bags to prevent them from “sagging” between deck boards.  Stack the bags in an interlocked formation to prevent shifting.  Make sure to not overhang the bags on the pallet and protect the perimeter with cardboard before wrapping with generous amounts of stretch wrap.

Stacks of Bags interlocking.
Stack the bags in an interlocked formation to prevent shifting.

Long Objects

Problem:  Shifting and Sliding

When packaging long objects for shipping do not band the items to the pallets, this can present a shifting hazard.  The best way to ship long objects is to bundle them into crates.  If crating is not an option, use metal bands and nylon chokers to bundle the long objects.  Please remember if your product can be damaged from coming into contact with freight handling equipment, it should be packaged to eliminate anything from coming into contact with it.

Drums and Pails

Problem:  Puncture from Foreign Objects

Drums and pails have a risk of being punctured by raised nail heads on the pallet during shipping.  To prevent this place a sheet of cardboard on top of the pallet before placing the drums.  When stacking make sure to secure with banding or shrink wrap.  All pallets should have solid deck boards with minimal gaps.  The drums should be placed as close to the center as possible.  Remember drums should only be single stacked and pails can be stacked three high.

Drums on pallet packaged.
When stacking make sure to secure with banding or shrink wrap.


Reels, Rolls and Top Heavy Items

Problem:  They Roll and Tip Over

Secure anchor reels through the center of the reel to a pallet and add blocking and bracing to form a “cradle.” This will eliminate the reel from rolling and shifting during transit.

Rolls are easy to damage when shipping.  The inner packaging core allows the use of a forklift with attachments to lift and move the rolls.  It is recommended that you cover the product completely with protective plastic for shipping.

Top heavy items are easy to tip over.  To prevent items with a high center of gravity from tipping over, band them to a wider base.  Also place placards on two sides to identify as “Top Heavy.”

Large rolls of paper.
Rolls are easy to damage when shipping.

Are you ready to ship your unique item?  Once it’s packaged correctly post it to Shipperoo and drivers will start bidding on your freight. It’s that easy.  Hop On Board!



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