Shipping the Bounty of the Fall Season: Pumpkins Big & Small

The first sign of fall is often displays of seasonal fruits and vegetables like the vibrant pumpkins and other gourds in the local grocery store, farmers markets and a host of community fall festivals around the country. Now is the time of shipping pumpkins and other bounty of the fall season.

It is harvest season for much of the produce that will take top billing during events like Ohio’s Circleville Pumpkin Show in October. In 2014 a pumpkin in the show topped the scale at 1,964 pounds setting a new record! In 2014 a pumpkin grown in Switzerland made the Guinness World Record at 2,058 pounds!

Weighing in the big ones at a pumpkin festival.

How do you safely ship a giant pumpkin or a load of pumpkins to your fall event? Let Shipperoo help.

Shipping Pumpkins 

This is where owning a pickup truck can come in handy to ship the season’s bounty to the various festivals, markets all while earning extra income! Yes, much of the produce arrives by small trucks usually from within a small radius, which helps ensure freshness during peak harvest starting in late September through October.

The bed of a small pick-up truck can load approximately 1,000 pounds. Shipping the bounty of the fall season.

Hauling for Extra Cash

Pickup trucks come in various sizes so the load capacity will differ so drivers will need to do the math to figure out how to maximize a load. It will take larger vehicles to haul the behemoth pumpkins, but the remainder of the market is open for bidding.

Small pickup trucks can typically load capacity of approximately 1,000 pounds in the bed of the truck. If a driver hauls three loads for a farm, that’s about 200 pumpkins and could earn an extra $150 for the driver. A bigger truck could yield a larger load and more extra cash.

Shipping Pumpkins Big and Small

Drivers looking to ship seasonal fruits and vegetables can start with growers looking for transportation options to get their crops to market to maximize their profits. Those pumpkins you’ll see at the community’s annual festival, fundraising stand or neighborhood market will first need to be shipped there.

Festival organizers typically will need to have several loads shipped in to set up and may need several more to keep up with the demand of folks wanting to take one home.

So while everyone is enjoying a nice slice of pie or taking selfies at the pumpkin patch, the driver who transported the load is on to the next seasonal harvest to earn a few more bucks.

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