How to Pack and Ship Your Golf Clubs

Going on a golf vacation or selling your old clubs? Knowing how to pack and ship your golf clubs will ease you right out onto the green once you arrive.  While you focus on your game, let Shipperoo assist with the travel logistics of your golf clubs, sports equipment and luggage. Here are a few tips to protective packing.

Strength in Numbers

Group all the clubs close together.  Do this by facing them all in the same direction and getting them as close as possible to each other.  Place all the clubs into one section of the bag if possible.  Try throwing a sock or large cover over the irons and putter to help prevent scratching. This keeps them together.

Tips on how to pack and ship your golf clubs.
Tips on how to pack and ship your golf clubs.

The tallest clubs should be placed in the middle of all the other clubs and packed and insulated as much as possible to prevent breakage.

Time to Cover Up

Now that the golf clubs are packed it’s time to cover them up.  You can do this by using your rain hood and placing it over the whole top portion of the golf clubs.  This will prevent water from getting into the bag and ruining the golf clubs and bag.  Once this is done you should place your whole golf bag into your golf travel bag.  If you do not have one a tall box can also work.  Be sure to pack the bag or box tightly so nothing shifts around during transport.  You can use towels or other things you may be taking on your golf outing.

Pack the bag or box tightly so nothing shifts around during transport.

Other Packing Options

Bubble wrap and tape make a great compacted surface for your golf clubs.  You can unscrew the heads of your golf clubs off and pack them separately if they come apart.  One more option to reinforce the top part of your bag where the heads are is to use a broom on a stick.  This lays a protective wedge between the gloves and ground for extra support.

No Hassle Travel

Try finding a driver to transport your clubs to you golf vacation without having to worry about breakage or being lost in piles of luggage left behind at the airports.  Have your clubs delivered right to your hotel or golf course for your convenience.  Shipperoo has the driver who will be more than happy to make your golf vacation easier.

Piles of luggage and golf clubs lost at an airport.

Find your driver at  If you missed getting to the golf course this week you can check us out at Shipperoo on YouTube.


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