The Matchmaker for Shippers and Drivers

Are you a driver with an empty spot in your truck, just yearning for a shipment to fill that void? Are you a shipper looking for that special someone you can trust to ship your goods across town or across the country? Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’re here to play matchmaker for you. Here’s how Shipperoo matches drivers with shipments.

Shippers and drivers make your match this Valentine's day.
The matchmaker for shippers and drivers.


Shippers: Sign up and Post your Shipments

Here’s where the matchmaking begins. Sign up and create your profile, putting your best foot forward for your shipments. Just like with any profile, a good photo matters. Adding an image of your shipment adds value to your post allowing drivers to offer appropriate bids. Hint: posts are 65% more likely to receive bids when you add a photo. Include your shipping details. Drivers can then start viewing and bidding on your freight right away. You only pay when you select a moving partner from the bids you receive.  Eliminate questions and supply drivers with the information they need up front! Provide shipment details like weight, dimensions and special delivery requests.

Now you’ve sparked an interest. There is a network of drivers available from around the country who offer a wide range of shipment transport, packing equipment and specialized services. With our rating system, shippers are able to review what others have experienced with drivers who have moved freight using our system in the past.

Once you start receiving bids, you will be able to choose a moving partner to suit all of your shipping needs. Let the long walks on the beach begin.

Drivers: View and Bid on Posted Shipments

Drivers your profile matters too! Make sure to fill out all the details, letting shippers know what kind of equipment you have and the areas of the country you can support. Make sure you are getting notifications of new shipments by setting up your notification preferences. Then view all shipments and choose which best meet their goals. After browsing our posted shipments, evaluate shipper ratings, review posts delivery times and view asking prices to determine which shipment will work best for you. Then send your wink or your flirt along by placing a bid.

Heart with a computer mouse
Drivers view and bid on new shipments.

Communicate Directly with Your Moving Partner

As in any relationship, good communication is important! Once a shipper connects with a driver, they are able to communicate privately through Shipperoo’s messaging services. Private messaging allows the shipper or driver to discuss payment terms, determine a specific time of pickup or delivery, and work out any special instructions or details for the shipment’s delivery.

Couple looking a cell phones at Shipperoo
Communicate directly with your moving partner.

Don’t know what to get that special driver in your life? How about Roo Coins?  Who doesn’t love those? Roo coins allow drivers to ask questions, enter the action and bid on shipments.

Our goal is simple; we connect shippers with drivers allowing you to be in control of your freight. It’s fast, simple, and free to sign up. Let us help you find the moving partner to suit all your shipping needs. Start saving on shipping costs by finding your match on today!


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Shipperoo is a simple online shipping tool that matches shippers and drivers. Shippers post shipments on our platform and use driver ratings, pickup and delivery times and bid prices to determine which driver works best for them. Anyone with a vehicle can join our network of drivers. Drivers can search and bid on posted shipments in just a few clicks. It’s quick, easy and free to join Shipperoo, sign up today!

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