How to Make Money With Your Vehicle

Do you have a pickup truck or a van that’s just sitting in the driveway most weekends? Do you enjoy the open road and like to see new places in your spare time? Get your motor running, head out on the highway and make some money while looking for adventure!

Here’s how Shipperoo can help you find shipments to deliver and get your vehicle working for you to make money while you drive.

Registering With Shipperoo

man driving a truck to make money
Anyone with a vehicle can be a registered shipper for Shipperoo.

Anyone with a vehicle can be a registered shipper for Shipperoo. Many drivers have Department of Transportation (DOT) licensing and drive shipments full time. Some drivers are transporters without professional licenses seeking to make some extra money. If you have a driver’s license and your insurance is up to date, you’re welcome to bid on shipments at Registering on is the first step to finding available shipments to move that will fit in your vehicle.

Take a few minutes to register by creating a username or password or registering via Twitter or Facebook.

Filling Out Your Profile

Think of this tool as a matchmaking site for shippers and drivers. If you want people to show interest and make a match, you have to create an interesting profile. Make sure you fill out all the details so shippers can view your profile and know the type of vehicle you have and the tools you provide to move their shipment.

Search Posted Shipments

Check out posted shipments and if you see something, take a moment to register, purchase a few roo coins and start bidding on freight right away. The best part? You can bid on an individual post as many times as you want with just one roo coin. You’ll get a free roo coin when you register so you can try out the site without purchasing anything just yet.

What’s a Roo Coin?

roo coins
Roo coins come down in price as you purchase more of them.

We’re glad you asked. For drivers only, a roo coin is your ticket to entering auctions and making unlimited bids on auction shipments. Once you register as a driver, you’re able to choose from four roo coin packages:

  • 10 roo coins for $19.99
  • 30 roo coins for $49.99
  • 60 roo coins for $94.99
  • 150 roo coins for $230.99

See how the roo coins come down in price as you purchase more of them? You’re welcome.

Remember your first roo coin is free and will automatically show up in your pouch! Now you’re free to enter an auction and place that first bid on us.

The best part about roo coins is you only need one to get in the game and make a bid. So what are you waiting for? Fill your pouch!

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Once you register with Shipperoo, fire up that engine, get on the highway and make money moving shipments.

Bidding on Shipments

Once you’re registered you can evaluate shipper ratings, review posts, check out delivery times and view asking prices to figure out the shipments that work best for you.

Connecting with a Shipper

Once you place your bid, shippers determine which shipper they think works best for them. When a shipper accepts your bid, Shipperoo will then connect you both and let you take care of the rest.

You can either talk directly with your shipper over the phone or use Shipperoo’s private messaging service to discuss payment terms, pickup and drop-off times and special instructions. It’s that easy.

A Note about Notifications

After registering as a driver, you’ll receive notifications when:

  • New shipments match your profile settings.
  • There is an update on a bid you placed.
  • A shipper chooses you as their driver.

That’s it.

truck on the road
Now all that’s left to do is hit the road and let your truck make money for you.

Time to Make Money

Now that you’re connected with a shipper, all that’s left to do is fire up that engine, get moving and make money. Using Shipperoo is fast, simple and catered to your needs as a driver. Let us help you find shippers today at so your vehicle can start making money for you!

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Make Extra Money


Shipperoo is a simple online shipping tool that matches shippers and drivers. Shippers post shipments on our platform and use driver ratings, pickup and delivery times and bid prices to determine which driver works best for them. Anyone with a vehicle can join our network of drivers. Drivers can search and bid on posted shipments in just a few clicks. It’s quick, easy and free to join Shipperoo, sign up today!

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