Garage Sale Best Practices for Sellers

Memorial Day Weekend is just days away and you’re ready to make a profit on some belongings you no longer need on one of the busiest garage sale weekends of the year. There’s no need to stress. Follow these tips to prepare for a successful garage sale.

Permit Check

Many cities and communities now require you to have a permit to hold a garage sale. Check with a clerk at your local city or town hall to find out if you need one. Also check your community association documents to make sure holding a sale is permitted in the rules. There’s nothing worse than prepping for a sale only to see it shut down and be slapped with a fine instead of making money.

Shipperoo garage sale
Follow our tips that will have people flocking to your garage sale.

Participate in Community Garage Sales

Community garage sales are becoming very popular. Instead of allowing individual garage sales many communities now hold an annual community-wide garage sale event. Check your community association or homeowner association documents or contact the president of your association to find out if your community has one of these sales.

Community garage sales do well because the community usually pays for garage sale ads in multiple newspapers and publications. Garage sale shoppers flock to them because there are so many items for sale in a condensed area. It’s the holy grail of garage sales for shoppers so make sure you participate!

Schedule Your Garage Sale

First things first. Is it a three-day Memorial Day garage sale everything must go extravaganza or a one-day only event? Make sure you have enough time before the sale to sort and review items for sale and price them. Tip: Remember that garage sale buyers like to shop early. To avoid garage sale groupies ringing your door at 6 a.m., place signs out front the night before explaining the sale starts at a specific time and not a minute before.

Go Through and Sort Your Stuff

Grab a box and start going through every room, gathering items you don’t want or need anymore. Don’t underestimate what people will buy. You won’t know if it won’t sell until you try to sell it!

Advertise Your Sale

garage sale sign
Make sure garage signs are stapled to wooden posts and placed in rights-of-way at busy intersections to draw motorists to your house.

Run a classified advertisement in your local newspaper and community newsletter with the details of your sale. Don’t forget to include the following:

  • Time of the sale
  • Date(s) of the sale
  • Address location
  • A few big items that will entice buyers
  • Take advantage of social media. Post the sale in a Facebook media group, announce the sale on your Facebook wall and spread the word to your friends.

Strategically Place Signs

Hardcore garage sale enthusiasts will debate until the end of time whether a classified ad or the garage signs in the neighborhood attract more people. We recommend both. Make sure the signs are made with bright-colored, durable cardboard and the lettering is written with a Sharpie in large letters so it’s easy to read from the road. The signs should be stapled to wooden posts and placed in rights-of-way at busy intersections that will draw motorists to your house. If you’re not crafty, your local hardware store sells the tried and true garage sale signs and metal wiring sign posts.

Don’t Forget the Change

You’re going to need plenty of bills to make change for garage sale shoppers. Make sure you go to the bank the day before the sale and get a handful of fives, ones and at least $20 in quarters Tip: Ask the bank for a reusable cash envelope that you can use to run extra money back into the house so there’s not a lot of cash in the garage during your sale.

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Want to make some money at your garage sale? Follow our best practices for garage sale sellers.

Let’s Make a Deal

Most people are not going to pay full price for your garage sale items. Garage sale shoppers get a rush by getting an item for a song, so don’t be offended when buyers start haggling for your items. Price your items higher than you think they are worth to account for haggling. Also know the bottom of the barrel price you will accept for an item before the sale starts. If your sale is drawing to a close and you really can’t picture that item back in your house, start haggling and dropping prices to get rid of items.

Shipping your Garage Sale Items

Once you’ve made a deal and successfully sold your garage sale items, it’s likely you have a few large items with “Sold” signs on them that were bought by someone without a truck or means to move it. It’s also likely that you’ll have leftover items you might consider donating rather than keeping. It’s best to use a professional shipper that can arrive right after the garage sale to pick up the items and provide safe delivery for your buyers or to a donation center. With Shipperoo, garage sale sellers and buyers can post a picture of garage sale items and drivers are able to review the item and place bids to ship them. All you have to do is connect with a driver. You can post your shipment for free and start searching for a driver today at

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