How to Use an Online Shipping Tool

The most effective and quickest way to get your freight moving is with an online shipping tool. There’s a right way and a wrong way to post those shipments, and leaving off important details could leave your shipment sitting on the curb. If you need your shipment delivered in a hurry and need to connect with drivers to move it, we’ve got the tips you need to use an online shipping tool effectively.

Why Is An Online Shipping Tool Important?

Let us count the ways by crunching the numbers.

Approximately 15 percent of young adults rely solely on their cell phones to access the Internet.

More than two-thirds of all Americans use a cell phone and 15 percent of young adults, ages 18 to 29, are completely cell phone dependent. That means those young adults don’t have home Internet service and rely solely on their phone to access the Internet.

In total, approximately 40 percent of the world population has an Internet connection today. What do these numbers mean for you as a shipper? Drivers are searching online shipping tools to find business.

Register With an Online Shipping Tool

As a shipper, you can post just about any type of shipment on an online shipping tool. Once posted, drivers review the posts to see if there’s anything there they would like to haul. Once you sign up by registering with your email, follow the directions to begin posting a bid.

Taking Photos

Taking photos is an everyday occurrence now with the click of a smart phone. When using an online shipping tool, it’s extremely important to post a photo of your freight. The lack of a photo makes it less likely for drivers to bid on your freight.

Make sure you’re taking good photos of your shipment. Follow these tips to take a good cell phone picture:

  • Have good lighting and never shoot into direct sunlight, which will wash out your picture.
  • Positioning your freight for the best angle allows the website to highlight the photograph. Centering your freight in the frame doesn’t always work.
  • Don’t clutter your freight by having other items in the picture.

Need some more tips? Read our blog on how to take the best picture of your freight.

Uploading Pictures

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Connect with drivers to move your shipments on

Most online shipping tools have a “select goods” option that allows you to post pictures and write a post. Some online shipping tools allow you to upload more than one photo of your shipment. Use this option if it is available. The more details a driver has about a shipment the more likely you’ll get a bid.

Write a Post

It’s important to select the type of freight category your shipment falls within because drivers monitor the shipping categories that fit the needs of their truck. Then write a detailed description about your freight. Your description doesn’t have to be a book but it should include these important items drivers look for:

  • The dimensions of your shipment
  • The weight of your shipment
  • Origin and destination cities and zip codes
  • Pickup date
  • If the shipment contains wheels or requires moving equipment
  • Important information that needs to be factored into a bid price

The more descriptive you can be with your post, the more it entices a driver to make a bid on your freight or ask you questions about your freight.

Post a Price

After you include your description you may be asked to input your asking price. Understand that this is only a ballpark figure. Drivers will factor in the fuel price and your other details to determine their bid. The more details you’ve included in your post, the more likely you are to get an accurate bid the first time.

Spelling is Important

It’s important you spell check your freight description before you post your item. Remember this post is live to the world. A description that’s easy to read and error free entices drivers to take your shipment seriously and be willing to work with you in the future. Once you have spell checked your shipment, it’s time to post your shipments and wait for bids from drivers.

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Monitor your email account for bids you receive from drivers seeking to move your freight.

Monitor Your Notifications

Monitor your notifications and email account for bids you receive from drivers seeking to move your freight. Make sure you check your email and pay attention to those website notifications so you can accept a bid from a driver and connect with them to get your freight moving.

Post With Shipperoo

Start connecting with drivers who want to move your shipments on When you hop on, you can post shipments for free when you utilize our easy to use registration process that won’t send you annoying emails once you sign up. The only notifications you receive are the ones that tell you a driver is bidding on your freight. Our messaging system allows you to discuss detailed shipping and price information directly. Let us help you make a connection today at

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Shipperoo is a simple online shipping tool that matches shippers and drivers. Shippers post shipments on our platform and use driver ratings, pickup and delivery times and bid prices to determine which driver works best for them. Anyone with a vehicle can join our network of drivers. Drivers can search and bid on posted shipments in just a few clicks. It’s quick, easy and free to join Shipperoo, sign up today!

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