8 Tips for Moving Furniture Across Country

Transport drivers already know that moving furniture, which is big and bulky, can be a difficult task. If you’re moving furniture across country, we’ve got 8 tips to do it safely and effectively.

Take Inventory when Moving Furniture Across Country

Before you begin moving furniture across country, it’s important to take inventory of your furniture. Have the customer complete a detailed inventory list of all the pieces they want moved. A list of everything from couches to mattresses also allows you to make an accurate quote for your customer and visualize how the load will fit in your truck.

Insure Your Load

There’s a lot that can go right on a long trip but there’s also a lot that can go wrong when moving furniture across country. It’s important to insure your load and get the proper coverage for your cargo. Discuss the differences in insurance coverage with your customers too.

mover taking apart furniture
Before moving, disassemble furniture that’s too bulky or awkward to leave in one piece.

Consider Furniture Disassembly

On the day of the move, make sure you or a member of your crew have the tools necessary to disassemble furniture that’s too bulky or awkward to leave in one piece. Write down the disassembly questions so you’ll know how to reassemble the furniture when you assemble it again in the new home or office.

Furniture suggestions for disassembly:

  • Book shelves
  • Bed frames
  • Wardrobes
  • Dressers
  • Mirrors

Protect the Furniture During Transit

Protecting furniture when moving across country is important. Make sure you have a large number of furniture blankets and bubble wrap to wrap fragile items and furniture. Furniture blankets protect against scratches and dents when items need to be packed tightly together. Bubble wrap provides good protection for smaller furniture pieces.

Communicate With the Customer

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It’s always a good idea to discuss with the customer what items they want to be taken off the truck first when you arrive to the agreed upon destination.

For instance, if parents are hoping to unpack their child’s room first before tackling the rest of the house, you need to know this before you pack the truck. Information like that allows you to pack that room last so those items are removed from the truck first.

Pack Furniture Properly

Packing a truck full of furniture takes skill. You want to pack the truck tightly so items are not moving around and falling over while they are riding in the truck across state lines. Furniture needs to be packed tightly from top to bottom, put together like a furniture jigsaw puzzle that keeps everything intact safely during your trip. Load heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top.

Read our blog on how to pack freight for optimal space in your truck to learn more packing tips.

Tie Down the Furniture

Even though your furniture is packed tight in your truck, it still needs an extra level of security that comes with using rope or straps to tie the furniture down. This prevents items from getting loose when moving furniture across country.

Delivery Window Can Change

couple moving furniture across country
Connect with a driver to move furniture across country.

Traffic, weather, accidents and more can cause a delivery window for a furniture load to be delayed. If Mother Nature or other issues on the highway cause your delivery window to be delayed, stay in close contact with your customers and keep them apprised of the situation. Make sure customers also realize that trucks moving furniture across country aren’t moving as fast as the other cars on the road. Make an estimated time of arrival contingent on these types of issues.

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