The Food Truck Phenomenon: How to Buy and Ship

The food truck phenomenon is still booming in the United States. Food Truck Nation reports that the average revenue generated per food truck in the United States reached $290,556 in 2016. If you are looking to get into the food truck business, we have the tips you need to buy and ship a used food truck.

Food Truck Costs

food truck phenomenon
We have the tips you need to buy and ship a used food truck.

The food truck business is not cheap or for the faint of heart. While it is cheaper to buy a food truck than to open up a restaurant, the startup costs can still make your jaw drop.

Food trucks that have updated and include customized kitchens can cost anywhere from $60,000 to $250,000, depending on the type of truck you need. Food trucks with diesel engines are more powerful and last longer but are more expensive than gasoline engine trucks.

If you purchase a truck that may not be running and needs significant upgrades that you can perform yourself at reduced costs, your food truck purchase and startup costs can be significantly less.

Advantages of Buying a Used Food Truck

The advantages of finding a used food truck online include:

  • Cheaper prices
  • Kitchen retrofits are already done, so you can pick a truck with a kitchen layout that suits your needs.
  • There are fewer choices and decisions to make
  • Most kitchen equipment is already in place

Where to Purchase a Food Truck

food truck phenomenon
Become a food truck owner and have your food truck transported to your home.

Once you have your budget finalized and know how much you can spend, it is time to look for your future food truck online.

Some reputable online food truck manufacturer sites include Prestige Food Trucks, and East Coast Mobile Business Launchpad. Sites like Food Truck Empire can also provide you with a list of verified food truck dealers that can help you find food truck dealers by state.

You can also purchase a food truck through independent sites like eBay and Craigslist but there is more risk involved and you want to know as much about these trucks as possible before you agree to a purchase price. Red these Craigslist safety tips and learn how to avoid Craigslist scams to stay clear of scams.

Items Your Food Truck Needs

Depending on your menu offering specialties, your future food truck might need the following:

  • Flat grills
  • Countertop fryers
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Food warmers
  • Pizza oven
  • Extra generator and propane tank if you need hot water for coffee
  • Enough space and cabinets for food and supplies

Food Truck Phenomenon Special Features

food truck phenomenon
The food truck phenomenon is booming in the United States.

Do you want your food truck to stand out from the rest? Consider the following food truck accessories to draw hungry customers to your food truck line:

  • Awnings that provided covered eating space
  • Flat screen televisions playing music, sport or highlighting your menu
  • Speakers to keep your customers entertained
  • A misting system to keep customers standing in line cool during a hot summer
  • Portable heaters to keep customers warm on cold days
  • Vinyl wraps that showcase your logo and menu
  • Service counters on both sides of the truck to handle more customer volume

Shipping a Food Truck

Once you spend the time to research and buy your food truck online and the kitchen and items inside the truck are secured, it’s time to ship it to your driveway. Your used food truck may not be running when you purchase it or you might want to have it transported on a flatbed if it’s coming from far away.

Find a Driver

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