How to Pack and Ship Stained Glass Windows

Packing and shipping delicate stained glass windows is a process that is easy to master once you learn the techniques to keep stained glass safe during transport. Follow our guide to learn how to pack and ship stained glass windows properly so they arrive in one piece.

Wrap Stained Glass Windows in a Garbage Bag

wrapping stained glass windows
Wrap your stained glass windows in 8-10 layers of bubble wrap to keep them safe.

Place your stained glass window in a white garbage bag or bags. This may sound strange but it protects the seams of the glass from scratches, oxidation or packing material imprints.

Sandwich Glass with Styrofoam or Plywood

Always remember that glass will not bend, it will break. To prevent stained glass windows from breaking, sandwich the stained glass with rigid Styrofoam or plywood. Cut either material with a saw to fit the shape of your windows.

Wrap the Glass

After the stained glass is protected by a garbage bag and protected by Styrofoam or plywood, wrap it in 8-10 layers of bubble wrap. When wrapping, switch direction to ensure all edges are equally protected.

Build a Box

Build a custom cardboard box large enough to hold your bubble-wrapped package. This box should fit perfectly and be tight enough that the glass panel doesn’t move at all.

Shipperoo Stained Glass Inside 2-edited
Cushion your stained glass window box with Styrofoam pellets on all four sides.

Build a Bigger Box

Your next step involves building or finding another box that is approximately six inches larger than the first one on all sides. You will place the first box holding the wrapped stained glass window into the second box and cushion it with Styrofoam pellets on all four sides. Make sure all four sides have equal space for packing peanuts and fill in all crevices firmly with peanuts to form a tight package to prevent the stained glass windows from moving.

Large Stained Glass Windows Need to Be Crated

ship stained glass windows pin
Follow our simple steps and learn how to pack and ship stained glass windows.

Large stained glass windows need more protection than boxes can provide. You need a wooden crate or commission someone to build a crate that fits your large stained glass windows perfectly. Custom crates provide the proper protection for your larger windows.

Find a Driver to Ship Stained Glass Windows

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