How to Ship a Cake Following 9 Simple Tips

Let us eat cake. But before we can eat cake, it needs to be delivered. Wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes and more are being purchased online and delivered for local celebrations now more than ever. Learning how to ship a cake and finding drivers with refrigerated trucks to deliver your baked goods safely is important. Follow our recipe for learning how to ship a cake properly using these nine tips.

icing a cake
Cakes traveling long distances need a protective icing layer to keep the cake moist.

Use a Protective Icing

Cakes traveling long distances need a protective icing layer to keep the cake moist. Cakes that are made with fondant icing help cakes hold their shape better and protect the cake during period of warm transport.

Cakes that are fluffy with lots of light frosting do not hold their shape very well and the frosting can melt.

Freeze the Cake

You should always freeze a cake before shipping to firm up the icing and help the cake hold its shape during transport. Keeping it frozen will also help the cake maintain its freshness.

Wrap the Cake

When you are preparing the cake for shipping, wrap the frozen cake in clear wrap from top to bottom, making sure it is wrapped firmly enough to provide enough support. Then wrap the cake with a layer of aluminum foil to help the cake hold its cold temperature during shipping.

Place the Cake in a Cooler

Place your wrapped cake in a pre-cooled Styrofoam disposable cooler. Surround the cake with frozen gel packs to help maintain the cold temperature during transport and keep the cake in place. Wrap the cake’s Styrofoam cooler with bubble wrap for further protection.

how to ship a cake
Learning how to ship a cake and finding drivers to ship cakes safely is important.

Box Up the Cake

With your cake safely inside a protected cooler, place the cake cooler into a sturdy corrugated cardboard box. Place Styrofoam peanuts all around the cooler to prevent the cooler from moving around during shipping.

Seal the Box with Tape

Seal your cake box shut with two-inch wide pressure-sensitive plastic tape to ensure your cake box stays closed shut and holds in the temperature of the cake. Apply multiple layers of this tape to all of the box seams to ensure the box is completely sealed. Do not use cellophane tape or masking tape as a substitute.

Mark the Box with ‘This Side Up’

This might be the most overlooked step when shipping a cake. Make sure you mark the box with a legible “This Side Up” marking, which includes a large arrow pointing up. Use pre-made stickers or write it with a permanent marker. Each side of the box should have this marking to prevent the box from being turned upside down.

You should also mark the box with the words “fragile” and “perishable.”

Find a Shipping Service

boxing a cake
Packing and boxing up a cake properly will ensure the cake keeps its shape during delivery.

When shipping cakes, you need to find a driver that offers refrigeration services and can give you a reasonable price for space on a refrigerated truck. Cakes also require hot shot shipping or overnight shipping. This decreases both your cake’s transit time and the chances your cake box will become damaged. Make sure your driver offers insurance for cake shipping services too.

Find a Driver

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