How to Pack for a Cross Country Move

A move across the county may be necessary in order to accept a new career opportunity, to be closer to family or a host of other reasons. In preparing for the transition it’s important to know how to pack for a cross country move.

Take a moment to catch your breath. There is a lot involved but an effective plan can help prevent it from becoming overwhelming. What to pack? What to toss? Who is going to move it all? Those are all questions that will factor in to your plans.

Organize A Cross Country Move

The first step is to get organized. Moving, regardless of the proximity, is a big job. It’s time to get a game plan to ensure you’ve covered all your bases. What’s the timeframe for moving? The packing schedule and other tasks will revolve around that timeline.

Make a list of all you need to get done from gathering boxes to scheduling when everything will get loaded up for the move. Go back over the list as you go in case other things crop up and have to be added. Grab a handy calendar to make sure all important dates associated with the move are highlighted too.

And unlike a move a few blocks away or even a few miles in the same city, a cross country move not allow you time to circle back to old place to tie up loose ends or check for boxes. Things will need to be ready to go in one trip.

Supplies Needed For Moving

You will need boxes to pack up your stuff so start gathering them now in all sizes big, small and in between. Take inventory of what you know will make the move with you and have boxes already waiting. For those questionable items, it’s time to make a few hard decisions about their future.

Gather the supplies you’ll need to pack for your a cross country move.

In addition to boxes, add these other items to your list:

Should It Stay or Should It Go

Discovering you have a lot of stuff is what happens to most people before a move big or small. Take another deep breath and start marking what you will keep and what will find a new home. A fun way to part ways with stuff is to tell friends you’re moving and invite them over to see what they may want. You’ll quickly find that your friend had their eye on a lamp or artwork and this is their chance to snag it. Let it go, it is ok, you’ll find something new in your new city.

Consider donating items you no longer need as you prepare for a cross country move.

Once this is complete, you may find the load to pack is little lighter, which is the intended goal. So have fun giving stuff away, donating to charity, or putting an item out of its misery all together.

Packing It All Up

A good tip is to think of what you’ll need first at the new house and pack that last. Make sure everything is clearly marked. It’s no fun looking through a ton of boxes for one small item you put in a safe spot in a random box. Hint: Coffee pot and mugs.

Keep in mind to place heavy items at the bottom of a box with lighter items on the top so nothing gets damaged in transit. And it’s a good idea to label boxes so you know which side should be up and to keep things from getting mixed up.

Don’t try to cram too much into one box. Too much stuff will prevent the top from being taped securely. The added pressure may also damage something further down in the box.

And for those fragile items, they will require a special touch when it comes to packing. Read our tips for packing fragile items to make sure everything is secure for the move.


Time to Move

With your plan for a cross country move is set, it’s time to get busy. There’s a lot to do and time is of the essence as moving day draws closer.

One month: Confirm how everything is getting from Point A to Point B and what it will involve.

Three weeks: At three weeks to go before moving day, a steady row of boxes should be lining up in your space. This is a good time to pack those fragile items and most of the stuff you won’t need for a while.

Two weeks: The two week mark is crunch time to get most of your stuff packed up, in place and ready to go. Take a few minutes at this time to go over your checklist to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything regarding the move.

One week: Once moving week arrives, it’s all systems go. This is the week of the last minute packing. It’s time to pack those things you’ll need first at your new place.

Tip: Packing those things last will help you remember which box they are in when you arrive.

Double check everything. Walk through your space to ensure everything is packed.

Who Is Doing the Lifting?

Determine now whether your cross country move will be a do-it-yourself project. If you are taking the DIY route, check out a few resources to help with packing everything and how to protect your back while moving large items.

If you decide to let someone else handle the lifting, compare services to find one that best meets your needs. Consider posting your freight to to obtain bids from drivers who can move your stuff.

On to the real heavy stuff – the furniture. Packing it all up for a cross country move takes planning, especially if it needs to be disassembled or packed in a protective container. Read our tips on moving furniture across the country to learn more.

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