How to Make Money While on Vacation with 10 Easy Tips

Sometimes we look at vacations as elusive and out of reach because they don’t fit your budget. Have you ever considered making money while you are on the road to paradise? Making deliveries with your vehicle to subsidize your getaway is one solution. Follow these simple tips to learn how to make money while on vacation today.

Rent Your Home

Planning a vacation for a week or more? When you have plans in place to transport shipments along the way to your vacation destination, consider renting your home while you are away. When you are looking to get away, someone else might very well be looking to get away to your town. Utilize web sites that allow you to easily connect with travelers.

Rent Your Parking Space

Do you live in a city where parking is a premium? If you own your own parking spot, put out an ad and rent the parking space. While you and your vehicle are out making money transporting shipments, your parking space becomes an income stream.

woman taking photo of water
Take photos while on your vacation that can earn you money.


Take Photos of Your Travels

Who says you can’t take photos during deliveries and while you are on vacation and make money from them? Stock image sites like iStock can pay contributors royalties for photos you submit for their libraries. If those images become popular downloads, you can make $100 or more on those images. Check the requirements. You’re welcome.

Try Housesitting

Why spend a lot of money for a hotel room that you will only be sleeping in? You may be able to find friends or someone that is in need of you to housesit for them in the very vacation destination spot you want to visit. You may have to do some light cleaning or take care of a couple repairs, but the tradeoff is likely free rent and maybe even getting paid to watch someone else’s home in the evening.

Pet Sitting Works Too

woman and dog camping
Consider watching pets so you can get paid to sightsee on your vacation.

Many dog and cat lovers don’t like to leave their animals at pet hotels when they leave home. While this may coincide with housesitting, consider looking for people that need help watching their pets so you can get paid to sightsee on your vacation while walking the dog.

Utilize Your Vehicle

If you have a pickup truck, a van or even a car or a hatchback that can haul items, you also have a vacation money maker! If you use your vehicle to transport shipments you can strategically find shipments that need to be hauled to your vacation destination or to a destination along the way. Imagine the stress roll off you along with the miles when you realize your vehicle is paying for your gas and your vacation budget.

Run Errands While Sightseeing

You don’t have to just transport shipments long distances to make money. See the sights in big cities while you run errands for businesses seeking freelance help with errands. Deliver packages within city limits on your way to the next sightseeing adventure. You can find errand jobs on the go with apps like Field Agent and Gigwalk.

Get Paid with Social Media

Are you stopping to pick up some clothes at a cool store in between deliveries while you are on vacation? Take a picture, upload it to the Cosign app and tag the brand, the retailer and the price you paid. Then share the image on Facebook or Twitter. When someone make a purchase from your link, you could earn anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of the purchase commission.

Utilize an Online Shipping Tool

When you make your vacation plans these days, you can sync them with shipment deliveries mapped out on your route when you utilize an online shipping tool. Online shipping tools make connections between shippers and drivers easy. Shippers can post just about anything on an online shipping tool in the hopes a driver will connect with them to come to terms on a shipping price and transport items. Once a driver signs up on an online shipping tool, they can review bids and connect with drivers.

Use Shipperoo to Make Money While on Vacation

Do you have a vacation plan and need help setting up a shipping plan so you can earn some vacation money? All that’s left for you to do is sign up on our platform, Shipperoo connects drivers with shippers seeking to move shipments. You just have to place bids on shipments that fit in your vehicle and coincide with your vacation trip. Once matched, our private messaging system allows you to complete the transaction and shipping instructions with the shipper. You can also study how to make money with your vehicle utilizing Shipperoo to make extra cash easily.

Head over to and learn how to make money while on vacation by signing up today!

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