Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Pet Transport Service

Are you looking for a trusted pet transport service to take care of your most trusted companion during a move? Pet shipping services are a specialized industry and you must do your research before selecting a pet transporter. Follow our guide to selecting the perfect pet transport service.

Communication is Key

Your dog, cat or other animals are not just pets. They are members of your family. It is extremely important that the pet transport service you choose has open lines of communication with you throughout the moving process. Your driver must be flexible and be able to adhere to your specific pet instructions because every animal is different and has specialized needs. Direct access to your transporter for updates on your pet is important.

It is not unusual to ask your pet transporter for reliable updates via text photos or videos to check up on your animals.

Time to make sure your pet gets its yoga stretches in next.

Pet Stretching Stop Mandates

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Make sure the pet transport service you choose allows you to use your personal crate.

How long will it take to get your pet to your new destination? No matter how long the drive is, it’s important your pet shipping service allows for breaks to pull over so your pet can stretch and have a bathroom break. Make sure exercise and bathroom breaks are outlined along the travel route.

If you have a cat with a leash that takes regular walks outside, this must be made aware to your pet transporter ahead of time.

Don’t forget Fido’s favorite food! We have you covered below.

Food and Water

Your pet transporter should also have a plan in place to provide water and the food of your choice available for your pet. Water and feeding times should be incorporated into the travel route. Bottled water for pets should be available in the vehicle at all times for pets.

Label your food properly and include a measuring cup and the amount of food your pet receives during each rest stop during the trip.

Overnight pet procedures are outlined ahead.

Overnight Stay Pet Mandates

If your pet is enlisted in the care of a pet service that will take several days to arrive at the destination, then overnight stays should be outlined in your pet estimate. Pets should NEVER be left in a car alone during the day during stops or overnight.

Your pet transport service should have a detailed itinerary that lists the pet-friendly hotels at which they will be staying. The estimate should make clear that pets will be staying with the driver in the hotel room.

Caging requirement procedures are discussed below.

Ask About Cage Requirements

Do you have a cage for your pet or are you seeking the ground pet transport service you choose to provide a cage for you? This is an important question. If your pet is more comfortable in his or her own cage, make sure the pet transporter service you choose allows you to use your personal crate.

If your pet is used to traveling in the car without a cage and cages stress them out, ask your pet transporter if they can ride without a crate. This may cost an additional fee.

Keeping the Cage Clean

Pet transportation services should make sure your pet’s cage and travel space is kept clean during the trip. Accidents and spills should be included as part of your estimate and should be cleaned up in a timely manner by your pet transporter.

Cats with travel litter boxes in cages should be cleaned every three hours.
Cats with travel litter boxes in cages should be cleaned every three hours.

Sharing pet rides or need a personal private ride for your pet? We have what you need to know below.

Shared or Private Pet Transportation?

Pet transporters offer two kinds of service:

  • Shared pet transportation services allows you to pay less for your pet transport service if you allow your animal to ride with other animals sharing the vehicle. This keeps costs down because everyone is paying less to share pet transport space in the vehicle.
  • Private pet transport service costs more money if you want your pet to get exclusive use of the vehicle with the driver. You must request this service if your pet can’t be in close proximity to other animals.

Does your pet take medicine? Read on to make sure that’s covered in your pet transport estimate.

Wellbeing and Medication

Your chosen pet transporter should be given an in-depth update on the health of your pet and any issues that may arise during the trip. Health issues such as seizures or other issues need to be addressed with pet transporters prior to your trip.

Finish up your pet transport list with our checklist next.

Pet Shipping Checklist

Make Sure Your Pet Transporter Has the Following:

  • Bedding
  • Travel kennel or cage
  • Food and water
  • Medications
  • Leash
  • Collar with identification and/or microchip information
  • Pet health records

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