How to Choose the Right Trailer for Your Move

Are you searching for the perfect trailer to accommodate your move? It is important to select a trailer that fits your belongings and other loads safely and perfectly, while not overspending on space you don’t need. Learn how to choose a trailer that works best for you by following these helpful tips.

How to Choose a Trailer: Find Your Type & Size

Trailers are divided into different class sizes. The two most popular trailers are cargo/enclosed trailers and utility/open trailers. Both kinds of trailers are offered in a range of different length sizes.

You must take into consideration the size and weight of your shipment to calculate how large a trailer you need. Trailers typically range in length from six-feet to 24-feet.

Check Your Trailer’s Weight Rating

enclosed trailer
Cargo/enclosed trailers are helpful for shipments that cannot be exposed to outside elements.

Each trailer has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This is the maximum weight your trailer can safely transport. The GVWR is listed by the manufacturer. Besides cargo, the GVWR includes the unloaded vehicle weight, accessories and optional equipment.

Supplies You Need for a Trailer

Your vehicle likely has a standard tow package with a wiring system for lighting. You can purchase a plug-in wiring harness if you need one.

You should also consider the following items to use with your trailer:

  • Electronic brake controller
  • Spare trailer tires
  • Trailer ball and ball mount
  • Hitch hardware
  • Pin, clip and coupler lock

Remember that coupler sizes and ball sizes must be the same. For example, a 1-7/8” coupler requires a 1-7/8” ball and a 2” coupler requires a 2” ball.

Choose Between Open and Enclosed Trailers

Open trailers give you more flexibility for packing items and transporting large and bulky items. Trailers with tilt beds do not require a ramp because the floor of the trailer can tilt to the ground for easier loading and unloading.  Side and ramp rear gates also allow for more flexibility when packing your trailer.

Enclosed trailers are loaded and unloaded with a rear ramp door and large items should be measured before transport to make sure they will fit inside. Some enclosed trailers with double rear doors and side doors offer more flexibility for adding and removing large items to your trailer.

Pay Attention to Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are important and should not be substituted with car tires. Trailer tires have specific sidewalls that are more durable and work to handle the weight load requirements of your trailer safely. Trailer tires should be inflated properly at all times to maximize their effectiveness during transport. Using car tires instead of trailer tires can reduce your GVWR by 10 percent for each passenger tire that you use on a trailer.

Trailer Brake Axles are Recommended

Brake axles are recommended on all trailers that are rated to haul 3,000 pounds or more. Most carry-on tandem trailers feature brakes as standard equipment.

how to choose a trailer pin
It is important to select a trailer that fits your belongings and other loads safely and perfectly.

Trailer Axles are Bent for a Reason

Trailers have bent axles for a reason even though it might not look normal. The axles are bent, or curved, for strength and flexibility when holding maximum weight allowances. Those axles will straighten out under maximum loads and become curved again when you unload belongings from the trailer.

Mount Trailers When Flat

The best way to mount your trailer is when it’s on a flat surface. Trailers typically travel at 16 to 18 inches off the ground. Make sure you have a trailer ball and ball mount that moves up or down to meet the vehicle’s bumper.

Make Sure Your Trailer is Licensed

Your trailer must be properly registered and have the proper licensing to comply with all local, state and federal regulations. Your manufacturer certificate of origin (MCO), along with your bill of sale, will allow you to receive a title for your trailer so you can register it. Laws for trailers vary from state to state.

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