• Shipping High Value Items

    Shipping high value items does not have to be a nerve-racking experience. High value items are not always measured by the cash value but by the irreplaceable sentiment the item […]

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  • The Matchmaker for Shippers and Drivers

    Are you a driver with an empty spot in your truck, just yearning for a shipment to fill that void? Are you a shipper looking for that special someone you […]

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  • How to Pack and Ship Your Golf Clubs

    Going on a golf vacation or selling your old clubs? Knowing how to pack and ship your golf clubs will ease you right out onto the green once you arrive.  […]

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  • Shippers Protect Your Shipments

    Did you know that it’s up to the shipper to prepare goods for transit to protect against damage? Whether you are shipping fragile items or shipping unique items, here are […]

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  • Shipping an Ice Rink

    Now that the cold is here and ice hockey has begun, have you ever thought about putting an ice skating rink in your backyard?  Here’s how to ship an ice […]

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